Where To Apply Scholarships and Grants

 Education has become very expensive in many areas around the globe, and the need for scholarship has also been rising. The truth is that there are actually many scholarship programs and grants being offered today. However, it can be extremely difficult to apply and pass. I got here an article about where to apply scholarships […]

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Speaking The English Language With Ease

English is perceived by the many, especially those whose mother tongue is not English, as a difficult language to learn or even master. However, to individuals who are decided to learn how to speak English, there are some helpful techniques that can make the entire learning process easy. I have been an English tutor for […]

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The Relationship Between International Students and the Domestics

When I was in college, I had a very close friend name Nikita. She was from Asia but did speak the English language quite well. When we were in our freshmen years, we used to go to movie houses, coffee shops and libraries together with our friends. She even invited us one time and prepared […]

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The Unspoken Rules of the Dorm

Are you or some you know planning to stay on a campus dormitory? Well, if you are then you’re definitely on the right page. I found an article here that talks about the unspoken rules of the dorm. I believe that students who are planning to stay on-campus should know about the dorm rules including […]

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Nutritional Tips for Student-Athletes

I personally believe that student-athletes should nourish their body with the vitamins and minerals they need to become physically and mentally healthy. My two nephews were student-athletes when they were still in high school, and as a health-conscious person that I’ve always been I always made sure that they were eating healthy both at home […]

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Tips for Eating Well on a Budget

Yesterday, I went to my nephew’s school to see the dance performance of his class. I waited for him at the school canteen and I noticed that there was a variety of inexpensive food and beverage items available. There were also many dining options outside the school and it made me think that students will […]

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How to Write Correctly: The Busy Blogger’s Guide to English Grammar

This is useful for blog writers:

You’re a creative thinker, not a nitpicky grammar geek.

When you sit down to write you like to write, not dither
around with mechanics. So when the words start flowing, you don’t want
to get in their way by thinking about all those little details.

Not to mention the time factor. As in you can barely find the bandwidth to write as it is, let alone edit for grammar.

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